8 August

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Talent 2019

Stella Mary's College Of Engineering.

Intra College Competitons 2019

Do not miss this Opportunity, who can attend ?

This is Only one way to be a part of this competition - "BE A STELLA MARIYAN". This intra college competition is to explore the interpersonal skills both co-curricular and ectra curricular of the budding engineers. The theme of this month is "PLASTIC FREE CAMPUS". Join to be a part of this event!


August 2019 Stella Mary's College Of Engineering


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Event Table :

No Event Name Event Date Venue Event Coordintor
1 Photography 08/08/2019 - Ms.M.Ashni
2 Meme Creation 08/08/2019 - Ms.M.Ashni
3 Drawing & Painting 09/08/2019 Exam cell Mr.P.Vijayan Mr.C.Dhayananth Jegan
4 Quiz 13/08/2019 Auditorium Mr.E.Bravin Daniel
5 Singing 13/08/2019 Auditorium Mr.M.Starlin Deva Prince
6 Mono Act 14/08/2019 Auditorium Mr.S.Ajith Kumar
7 Poetry telling (Tamil / English) 16/08/2019 Auditorium Mr.M.Siva Prakash
8 Elocution (Tamil / English) 19/08/2019 Auditorium Mr. Jenix Rino
9 Presentation Studio (PPT) 20/08/2019 Mechanical Department Conference Hall Mr.S.Raj Kumar Dr.F.Michael Raj

Event Details / Instructions

1.In order to be a part of this event

2.Photography & Meme Creation

  • Student shall send thier work to 'cr.smce@gmail.com'.
  • You will be disqualified if there is any dupication in this work.

3.Drawing / Painting

  • chart paper will be provided.
  • Kindly bring all other required accessories.


  • The questions will be based on General Knowledge and Current affairs.
  • A team can have 3 members.
  • Using cellphone is restricted.

5.Singing / Mono act

  • The Performance will be evaluated by a panel of judges.
  • Duration is " 5 Mins ".

6.Poetry Telling ( Tamil / English)

  • The Topic will be based on the theme.
  • A team can have 5 members.

7.Elocution ( Tamil / English)

  • The Topic will be based on the theme.
  • A team can have 5 members.

8.Paper Presentation

  • Any topic can be choosen..
  • More points will be awarded for the theme - " PLASTIC FREE CAMPUS ".