The Trust
The college is run by nova educational trust started in the year 2007, to provide the highest quality educational and research facilities to the students across the country.The trust manages the premier educational institutions like Bapuji Memorial higher secondary school, Bapuji Memorial College of Education and Stella Mary’s College of Engineering.

The Trustees
Mr   Nazerath Charles - Managing Trustee
Mrs  Mary Stella Charles
Mr   J.Carol Judeson - CEO
Mrs  C.Sumitha Judeson


Mrs.Mary Stella Charles is one of the trust members of Nova Educational Trust. She is the Secretary of the Trust. Her contribution to the educational institutions is immense. She renders her service to the society through valuable education which produces students who will not only be intellectually equal to the best ones in the society, but will also lead a noble life, follow ethics, and add values and innovative ideas to achieve excellence in the competitive corporate world. Her aim is to develop the overall personality of students by creating not only excellent professionals but also persons with regard for human values, good attitude toward fellow beings, and pride in their tradition and culture.

Chief Executive officer

Mr.Carol Judeson is the backbone and pillar of strength of Stella Mary’s College of Engineering. He has played a pivotal role in the inception of Stella Mary’s College of Engineering. His commitment and enthusiasm towards the college makes it one of the best among the peers in the region. He endeavors to upgrade the real time academic competencies of students and educators through continual learning,motivation and active involvement. Apart from being CEO of Stella Mary’s College of Engineering he is the Chief Operating Officer of Exblowra Co, Qatar. Earlier he had managed various critical projects in reputed IT Majors and Retail front end industrial operations across the globe.

Vice Chairman

Mrs.Sumitha C Judeson is a personality with an enhanced caliber of leadership and assertive skills. These qualities of her contribute for the elevation of the institution in a big way and she has always been a strong driving force behind Stella Mary's college of Engineering.She had done her post graduate in Management from Stenden University Qatar. An indelible aim of her helped this institution to sustain quality in terms of competency, dedicated faculty, excellent infrastructure, laboratories, library and other facilities. Prominently, the institutions stay abreast with the changing technological developments across the world and promptly improvise their efforts and teaching methods to respond to the change.